CM Tools for Excel Beta v0.9 Released!

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Additional functionality Server Connection.  This allows you to connect and manage a file share (CIFS/SMB) that can be used to store data.  Further details around this will be added to the getting started area.

Additional tool “Key Data”.  This creates a table in Excel which can hold multiple key/value pairs, that can be uploaded to the CM Tools Server (file share).  You can then use this Key Data within Word, the key advantage being that when you update it in Excel, the new values will filter through to your Word documents, ensuring they all stay in step with one another.

Additional tool Table Exporter.  This allows you to export entire tables to the CM Tools Server (file share).  These tables will then be available to import into Word and Excel (coming soon) and be maintained over time (so you update at the source and these updates are carried through to the target data consumer).

Visit the CM Tools for Microsoft Office page