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Services we provide

Morgan IT Services provides both professional consultancy services as well as software development services.  This page covers some examples of the things that we offer.

Consultancy Services

Whilst covering a wide range of IT consultancy services we also have particular specialisms that we believe provide significant value in our offerings, these include:

Automation, Process Flows and Scripting

It is widely accepted that doing the same thing over and over again can be boring, but to a business it is much worse than that.  Human error creeps in where complacency exists, a non standard workflow means that different employees will do things different ways making error tracking all but impossible.  We work with your business to understand the process flows and implement toolsets that reduce the time taken to implement repetitive tasks, reduce human error with computer based checks and free up your most valuable resources (your staff) to work on more important things.

Data Centre Migration

Large scale data centre migrations are complex programmes of work that require the highest level of diligence to mitigate the risks they produce.  We have experience helping large enterprises to plan and implement these migrations with great success.  From lift and shift migrations with just a network expansion/migration, to a full virtualisation programme with simulated migrations (pre-production testing) with isolated model offices to perform user acceptance testing over extended periods.  Whilst we specialise in x86 migrations, we also have extensive experience with SPARC and Power UNIX based environments.

Software Development Services

We can offer bespoke software development in a range of languages to your business needs.  We also create pieces of software some of which are available from this website and others are available as part of our consultancy services.  Below are some of the highlights of the software we have created:

Collaboration Management Tools for Microsoft Office (CMTools)

Collaboration Management Tools (CMTools) for Microsoft Office extend the functionality of the office suite you know so well, to provide collaborative tools for your company.  CMTools is created to provide an alternative to the public cloud Software-as-a-Services (SaaS) solutions (e.g. Office 365) collaboration which limit your functionality, provide little control over changes and require an Internet Connection at all times.

Instead CMTools allows you to work with the full application (Microsoft Excel) to create your datasets (Tables) and then allows you to upload these to the server (File share within your corporate network).  Other users (subscribers) can then download and use these datasets within their own projects, filtering them for their own purposes.  If a subscriber wants to advise you of changes required to the dataset, they make the change in their version of it and then the tool sends the publisher a change request.  It is up to the publisher (as the data owner) to decide whether to implement all, some or none of that change request.

Virtual Machine Automation

Large scale manipulation of the underlying operating systems in a virtual infrastructure is not as straightforward as it should be without specialist scripting or having a user agent installed.  Even with a user agent installed the underlying connectivity between virtual machines makes it difficult to implement tasks in a mass way, take for example a simple job of running a script on every machine to catalogue it and bring back that file to a central repository.  The logistics of connecting to each machine, the firewall rules, the authentication, the connectivity back to a single file share all have issues.  Our toolset allows you to perform these kind of actions by interacting with the hypervisor, thereby simplifying the network connectivity issues.  Authentication is handled by storing credentials in an AES-256 encrypted database at the preparation stage so that the automation stage is quick.  To speed up running this task across large numbers of virtual machines (and hypervisors and hypervisor managers) it runs in a multi-threaded environment (several tasks all running at the same time) and so performance can be increased linearly by adding CPU and Memory to your scripting machine.  The toolset can be expanded by providing scripts that can be run on the target OS (e.g. VBScripts, Batch scripts, etc…) to perform the jobs you wish them to do.

Cloud Migration Toolsets

We are currently working on a set of tools that can help with large scale migrations to public cloud infrastructures (e.g. Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure) with minimal downtime and with the ability to simulate and test beforehand.  This differs from the current crop of migration methods which work primarily on a system by system basis and require you to change elements such as the IP Addresses of your servers.  We feel this does not provide a good experience for you the customer.  Instead we are focusing on a methodology that allows you to keep your machines exactly how you have them today and to move them seamlessly to the cloud en masse and with the knowledge that you have already had the opportunity to test your major systems before you commit to the migration.