Enabling applications for Power Users

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When developing an application, we gather the requirements, we create the use case scenarios, we go through endless cycles for feature releases and we pat ourselves on the back when we meet the original requirements we set ourselves months or even years ago.  And with a bit of luck we keep the bug tracker at bay with […]

Contract Award by Wood Mackenzie

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Morgan IT Services has been awarded a contract by Wood Mackenzie to provide Development Services. Wood Mackenzie, a Verisk Analytics Business, is a global leader in commercial intelligence for the energy, metals and mining industries, provide objective analysis and advice on assets, companies and markets, giving clients the insight they need to make better strategic […]

Morgan IT Services Ltd incorporates

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As part of the plan to expand our toolsets and the markets we service, we are pleased to announce that Morgan IT Services has now incorporated as a Limited Liability Corporation. As well as new toolsets that we are looking to bring to market, we are also to provide consultancy services to Enterprise customers covering […]

CM Tools for Excel (v2.8) Released!

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Dynamic late binding for MSCOMCTL.dll objects (big change) IO Caching Improvements Updated to CM Installer v2.0 (Development Tools and Dynamic Icons from Web) Requirement/Recommendation for installation of Compression tools on server connection Minor GUI updates Add TreeView Column Headers to late binding captured elements Branding Manager Updates for change importer (AddColumn)

CM Tools for Excel (v2.6) Released!

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Added Template Manager Upgraded to CM Installer v1.6 Performance and bugfixes Added error handling for updating PivotTables Added Set Table Downloader Project action to Template Manager Fixed overflow bug in IOHandler to cope with large cache hit size (>2GB) Fixed bug of deleted columns in downloaded data causing issues Performance improvement in Table Downloader (prepare […]

CM Tools for Excel (v2.4) Released!

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Added Excel File Shrink Tool Added Dynamic Menu class, implemented in options Updated Options, e.g. transfer chunk size Added Plex Tables – Single view of same table across multiple projects Added help section (dynamically generated ribbon menu) Fix bug of an integer overflow for a lot of filters in big tables

CM Tools for Excel (v2.2) Released!

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Uploads are staged locally, cached and compressed before uploading Ignore upload of columns prepended with ## or !! Significant Performance rewrite for Table Downloader (Filtering and Writing) Support for compression during transport Performance improvements for Table Comparer Installer v1.4 for local installs FIX Change Manager update date values Check for newer BETA versions if on […]

CM Tools for Excel (v1.4) Released!

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Extended configs for tables, allowing definition of Primary Keys, recommended for all uploaded tables Introduction of change tracking Change tables A lot of bug fixes Performance improvements for table downloads Update document data en masse