Morgan IT Services offer bespoke IT Solutions to a wide range of sized companies.  Primarily we look to work with your existing toolsets and to enhance existing offerings rather than always looking at new Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) products.  This not only reduces the overall cost but also reduces the training and user acceptance aspects of product delivery

Collaboration Management for Microsoft Office

Collaboration Management Tools (CMTools) for Microsoft Office extend the functionality of the office suite you know so well, to provide collaborative tools for your company.  CMTools is created to provide an alternative to the public cloud Software-as-a-Services (SaaS) solutions (e.g. Office 365) collaboration which limit your functionality, provide little control over changes and require an Internet Connection at all times.

Instead CMTools allows you to work with the full application (Microsoft Excel) to create your datasets (Tables) and then allows you to upload these to the server (File share within your corporate network).  Other users (subscribers) can then download and use these datasets within their own projects, filtering them for their own purposes.  If a subscriber wants to advise you of changes required to the dataset, they make the change in their version of it and then the tool sends the publisher a change request.  It is up to the publisher (as the data owner) to decide whether to implement all, some or none of that change request.

CM Tools Features

Excel Templates

Functionality to store templates on the server and then run custom commands when a user downloads the template. You can prompt the user for information (e.g. client name) which can then be used to prepare the data in the template.

Use datasets in Word reports

Subscribers can also download and format data into Word reports, whilst maintaining the single click update functionality, ensuring that your reports stay up to date without manual intervention

One click update

Subscribers can update all of their datasets in a document with a single click, making it easy to always have the latest copy of the data

Subscribers download and filter data

Subscribers can find your datasets on the server, select the columns they want and apply filters to get the data that they require

Upload Excel tables to server

Using your Excel tables (datasets), you can upload the dataset to the server (on your own corporate network) to make it available to subscribers that want to consume your data