CM Tools Change Log

Change Log for CM Tools for Office

Excel Version 1.4 (Released 07/12/2014)

  • Extended configs for tables, allowing definition of Primary Keys, recommended for all uploaded tables
  • Introduction of change tracking
  • Change tables
  • A lot of bug fixes
  • Performance improvements for table downloads
  • Update document data en masse

Excel Version 1.3 and Word Version 0.6 (Released 12/11/2014)

    • Major bugfixes and error handling
    • Improved server connectivity, error handling and refined connectivity and tracking
    • Table Column Sync tool added to Excel
    • Server Manager and Explorer included in Word Tools as well

Excel Version 1.1 and Word Version 0.4 (Released 28/10/2014)

    • Major bugfixes and error handling
    • Update to progress control
    • Please wait messages during long tasks
    • Allow connecting to server if authenticated outside of the app (e.g. mapped drive)
    • Check for updates (in About CM Tools)
    • Server Explorer (in Excel)

Excel Version 1.0 (Released 18/10/2014)

  • Added Table Downloader tool (similar to Server Tables in Word)
  • Renamed Table Export to Table Uploader and added export to CSV functionality
  • Fix uploading tables that have error conditions (#N/A, #VALUE, #NAME etc…
  • Store background colour of cell in xml, including Conditional Formatting in Excel 2010+
  • Add error checking for WMI queries
  • Add warning when attempting SHA1 encryption on Windows XP (or any OS without cryptographic libraries)
  • Fix error which collected to textual value of a date (which Excel helpful converts to ###### if it runs out of space in the cell) to instead collect the actual value in Excel date format

Word Version 0.3 (Released 10/10/2014)

  • Resolved shared memory issue, where cached data from one document, could be read in another if it shared the same winword.exe process.
  • Implemented exclusive memory space for non-shared objects

Word Version 0.2 (Unreleased)

  • Added autopick functionality to Server Table
  • Minor bug fixes

Word Version 0.1 (Released 06/10/2014)

  • Completely new Add-In
  • New Functionality – Server Connection
  • New tool – Key Data
  • New tool – Server Table

Excel Version 0.9 (Released 06/10/2014)

  • New Functionality – Server Connection
  • New tool – Key Data
  • New tool – Export Table
  • Check for Excel Compatability Mode and warn
  • Move CMTools to right hand side of ribbon

Version 0.8 (Released 16/07/2014)

  • New tool – Text Tools
  • New tool – Error Checker (Incorrect Formula Scanner)
  • Standardise launch tools
  • Movement of all table handling tools into standardised classes

Version 0.7 (Unreleased test 17/06/2014

  • Update to table definitions class
  • Split code for alpha and beta features

Version 0.6 (Released 11/06/2014)

  • Update to resolve TLW bug for Excel 2007 (#ThisRow requirement)
  • Update to ignore errors for system information in Windows XP

Version 0.5 (Released 10/06/2014)

  • Additional error checking in TLW
  • Improvements to layout for simplification in all tools

Version 0.4 (Released 06/06/2014)

  • Initial release of the following tools:
    • Amalgamate Duplicates
    • Table Lookup Wizard